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A Scorpion is an intimidating hunter and attacker because it knows it has something to back it up, it’s stinger! You could have this same back up with your own stinger. The scorpion from SCAR Blades has an angled pry bar and glass breaker tool at the end of the handle, making this knife a weapon and functioning tool from end to end.

Blade Length: 3 1/8″

Overall Length: 7 7/ 8″

Blade Thickness: 3/16″

Overall Weight: 7.0 oz.

Steel Type: 1095 High Carbon Difl‘erentially Heat treated for a sharp edge and flexible spine. Other Features: Lanyard hole, Secure Kydex sheath

  • Full tang, differentially heat treated 1095 high carbon steel throughout.

  • Broadly curved spine with a Tanto edge for superior penetration.

  • Contoured Micarta handle with integral finger groove for hand protection.

  • Compact size with generous blade length for defense and utility.

  • Contoured grip with glass breaker/angled pry bar pommel.

  • Two Button head cap screws secure the handle to the knife blade.

One look at the Scorpion tells you it is unique and different!

The Scorpion is a complete re-imagination of a unique knife design. When we decided to design a knife offering the tactical advantages of the Karambit, we started with fresh ideas and a new approach. We started with the name: Scorpion. The knife resembles the up raised stinger of the scorpion and conjures up the deadly night creature of the desert. Then we eliminated the finger hole. Our testing showed that the finger hole; whether used on the index finger as designed; or on the pinky finger as some erroneously use it, rather than strengthening the grip, it weakened it. Next; since this was primarily a thrusting/punching weapon, we utilized a Tanto blade as it offered a strongest tip for enhanced penetration. Finally, with our new design, the Scorpion can be used with the blade extending up from the palm up or down from the palm . This feature made the knife far more useful when doing more than thrusting and punching. We also added other useful features; a glass breaking pommel and pry bar for added utility.

A word about Karambit Knives:

Karambit knives originated in Western Sumatra as a farming implement designed to duplicate the claw of a big cat. As native users used the design to dig, cut and scratch, they realized that it could also serve as an effective weapon. As it evolved implement to weapon, a unique hole in the handle was added so the user could insert his index finger into the hole – the blade then sticks out of the bottom of the palm rather than the top as in most other knives. This hole seemed to add to the grip but also allowed the user to let the knife slip out of the palm – when the fingers were needed for some other task and still keep the knife at hand.

Some martial arts practitioners were intrigued by the design and incorporated the Karambit into their edged weapon tactics. The unique configuration was purported to offer an advantage when striking and slashing. They have become quite popular and the knife industry has been inundated with many differing versions – mostly cheap show knives and rarely, a decent knife.

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