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Need a self-defense knife that can be well hidden? Or maybe you are the back-country hunter that likes his gear light weight. – this knife will do all of that. As a last resort defense it can carve it up and make a sting. The name describes this knife, painful bite in a little package. The handle made for your hand while the blade has the same strength as our big blades. Full tang construction.

Blade Length: 2 1/2″

Overall Length: 7″

Blade Thickness: 3/ 16″

Overall Weight: 7.4 oz

Steel Type: 1095 High Carbon Differentially Heat treated for a sharp edge and flexible spine. Other Features Lanyard hole, Secure Kydex sheath,

Just about every animal respects and steers clear of a Hornet. Small but potentially deadly and packing a powerful wallop, our “Lil Hornet” is well named after this feisty little insect. And, while embodying the small but deadly theme, it offers the user tremendous versatility:

  • Full tang, differentially heat treated 1095 high carbon steel throughout.

  • Modified skinning blade for eviscerating, skinning, cleaning and all around chores. Exceptionally comfortable and compact Micarta handle available in several colors and finishes.

  • Blade incorporates an integral front bolster for unobtrusive hand protection.

  • Compact size and weight for backpackers or emergencies.

  • Adaptable for several grip styles.

  • Two Button head cap screws secure the handle to the knife blade.

The compact and comfortable theme of the Lil Hornet makes it an ideal knife for backpackers, hunters or as a defensive weapon. The Lil Hornet is a great choice for someone wanting an exceptionally comfortable grip or even someone who has a smaller hand. It is perfect for hip or purse carry. Notwithstanding its small dimensions, it packs a deadly sting.

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