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Knives are tools – and that is just what this knife is, a perfect tool. Designed for cutting things open with finesse such as when a sharp point may cause headaches, and reducing the risk of piercing or poking. If you are gutting fresh game, nobody wants to cut the bladder or bowels, this knife is your solution. If you are a rescuer (i.e. Police, Search and Rescue, etc.) and need to cut off a seat belt or rope around a victim, this blade does the job without the fear of stabbing the person. This knife has many uses and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The serrations can be customized to your liking – if you want a full blade of them, or only an inch, let us know and we will ship yours out the Way you want it.

Blade Length: 3 1/4“

Overall Length: 8″

Blade Thickness: 3/16″

Overall Weight: 7.2 oz

Steel Type: 1095 High Carbon Differentially Heat treated for a sharp edge and flexible spine. Other Features: Lanyard hole, Secure Kydex sheath, Serrations available on your request.

A knife is a cutting tool and the Hawkeye may just be the perfect cutting tool for its designed purp0ses: Rescue. Often a knife is needed but a certain amount of safety and ease of use must be incorporated into the design. For first responders (police, fire or search and rescue) the need to cut through seat belts, ropes or other material without endangering the person needing rescue is crucial to the task. The unique edge and safety spine of the Hawkeye provides safety for the rescuer and rescued. The edge is straight but the spine completely encloses this edge so that it can be easily slipped under belts or clothing without endangering the victim.

  • Full tang, differentially heat treated 1095 high carbon steel throughout.

  • Rounded Sheepsfoot blade for safety and cutting leverage — serrations available.

  • Contoured Micarta handle with forward half finger groove for hand protection

  • Compact size but using near full size handle with generous edge length

  • Contoured grip with small rear bolster to provide secure grip.

  • Two Button head cap screws secure the handle to the knife blade.

The Hawkeye is designed to open things with finesse- when a sharp point may create a dangerous situation or where the risk of piercing or cutting needs to be reduced. This can be especially true when cleaning or eviscerating game. The Hawkeye has an eye out for reducing danger.

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