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Custom Hand built Knives

Made in America


At SCAR Blades, we have created knives that are designed and used as rugged tools to assist military, law enforcement, avid outdoorsmen, and tactically minded civilians survive in the field no matter how harsh the conditions.

Most of our knives have a full tang construction and are made from 3/16″ thick1095 HIGH CARBON ALLOY, which is heat treated for hardness only along the sharpened edge – creating a RC hardness of 58, while leaving the spine of the blade softer to absorb the stresses of high impact chopping. The blades have a powder coated finish and come with a non-slip phenolic handle to ensure the user will maintain a sure grip. sCAR-sign The sheaths are individually made using KYDEX, which is tightly formed around each individual knife. The sheaths are equipped with either a rotating belt loop allowing the sheath to swivel 360 degrees moving with the user or a stationary loop for added strength and security. With multi-attachment holes located around the sheath, the knife can be adjusted and placed anywhere the user requires, yet still be confident that it will be securely held, waiting to serve when needed. At SCAR Blades we guarantee the quality, craftsmanship, and stand behind each knife that we make. We are confident it will be one of the best and longest lasting knives that you will ever own. And remember, a SCAR is for life! Police and Military discounts are available, please call for details. usa flag_supportTroops