Frequently Asked Questions

SCAR Blades Education Center and F.A.Q about SCAR Blades, the sheaths, the steel, and the process of making custom knives. Q. What is the difference between Stainless Steel and 1095 High Carbon Alloy? A. 1095 Steel is the most widely used steel for custom knifes. 1095 can be hardened to much higher levels compared to that of stainless steel. Stainless becomes brittle at the temperatures required to harden steel at the quality of 1095. What this means to you as the user, is that your knife edge will stay sharper, longer. Because of its lack of toughness, stainless steel is a poor choice for larger knives. SCAR Blades knifes are tempered on the edge of the blade only, which will allow more flexibility in the knife and increasing its life span. Stainless Steel is popular for small folding knifes and other products due to its resistance to rust. 1095 will rust, so you must take care of the exposed metal (usually the sharpened edge only, or any nicks or scratches in the blade from harsh use), see knife care instructions below. Q. What is TufCoat powder coating? A. The material used for the exterior of SCAR Blades is a thermo-set polymer that is applied electrostatically, and then cured in a high temperature oven to create the toughest exterior available to protect your blade. As tough as it is, it still can be scratched or worn off from harsh use. If you scratch the powder coating, be sure to follow the knife care instructions on this sheet to prevent the scratch from rusting. Q. What is Gun-Kote? A. Gun-Kote was developed for use on military weapons. The United States Navy Seals Teams were the first units to use this product. There was a need for a material that would hold up under extreme adverse conditions. The coating needed to withstand 500 hr salt spray tests and still meet the military machine gun firing requirements…Gun-Kote does this and its application has grown from firearms to automotive or motorcycle and industrial applications, being used on heads, cases, barrels, oil coolers, radiators, engine blocks and our knives. Gun-Kote is a thin hard coating that will give excellent protection from abrasion. It is not easily worn off such as bluing, phosphate or chemically blackened surface treatments which can leave metal surfaces bare and unprotected from the elements. Gun-Kote does not attract dirt of dust, has excellent impact resistance and is non-reflective.

Lifetime Warranty Information

SCAR BLADES knives are guaranteed to be free from defect in materials and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the blade. If a defect is detected in the knife or knives, the problem will be fixed or replaced at no extra cost (except for shipping charges). All custom made sheaths are guaranteed to be free from defect in materials and craftsmanship for a period of two years from the date of the original purchase. SCAR BLADES knives are high quality knives and are made to withstand rugged treatments and conditions. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to use the knife or knives responsibly and keep the knife or knives free of contaminants or corrosive environments. For best results – it is highly recommended that you follow the knife care instructions that were included with your knife, or you can find these instructions below. A free sharpening service is offered for Scar Blades products, this includes the blade edge, serrations and saw teeth. However, all shipping and handling charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser both to and from SCAR Blades location. Please call or e-mail us before sending in your knife for this service. How to obtain warranty performance: 1. Describe your problem: Send an e-mail to describing the problem with your knife or knives. In this letter please include your name, address, e-mail, & phone number. 2. Wrap and package your knife: For safety and protection of your knife, please put the knife in the sheath, If this is not possible, please wrap your knife with a towel or old shirt tightly, then tape the knife so that it is protected during shipping and that the point does not cut through the packaging. Also a box is preferred for your package. A padded envelope is not recommended. Please put some padding around the knife so it does not roll around inside your package. Please use tape rather than staples for the sealing of your package. Make sure to include a pre-paid shipping return label in the box! We will NOT cover shipping charges to get the knife from or back to you. 3. Mail your knife to us-: 150 S. Corner Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83402 We recommend insuring your parcel and sending it so that it may be tracked by certified receipt. This will help to protect you against possibility of loss or damage to your knife. We are not responsible for lost or stolen parcel. Proper Knife Care