About SCAR Blades

Centered in the Rocky Mountains, Casey Radford had a vision of producing a serious knife. Just like the mountains he grew up in, he wanted to create everlasting, tough, and rugged blades – that are refined and created for real world experience. Scar Blades reflects that tenacity for perfection. With 22 years of experience hand building each knife and sheath, he has worked hard to develop expertise in truly understanding the needs of our customers, and he is constantly improving on every detail of our products. Our knives are a real world product – what that means for him is that our Scar Blades are completely at home in the most demanding and hard core environments. Our products are used extensively by Hunters, Police, Military, Survivalists, Laborers, and anyone else that depends on having the toughest blade out there. police-use We work closely with law enforcement and military professionals to design and perfect our knives and sheaths to meet their extreme requirements. Every detail is well thought out and crafted with precision. He does not believe in stamping out, or computer machining knives for the sake of quantity. He hand grinds, tempers, conditions, custom fits, and sharpens each blade to keep it personal – just like it will be when you’re depending on it. No matter what your use is, you can rest assured that A SCAR IS FOR LIFE.